Who We Are and What We Do!

We are a local Palestine Small Business!!  The founders of ShopPalestineFirst.com realized that local, small businesses needed a way to advertise that they could afford, and one that would get them results.  We didn’t want to promote the same old, humdrum ways of advertising.  The ones that have been around forever.  They have served their purpose well in their time, but things are changing.  People are changing right along with the new technology.  Or, technology is changing people!  Either way you look at it, folks are changing the way they want information/advertising delivered to them.  They want it more personal and controllable.  And…we are right on the cutting edge of that change.  We wanted to offer our local business a way to CONNECT with people. We decided to put together a website that would not only allow businesses to advertise, but it would be live, local, personal and current, 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year and… would do three important things:

  • Promote LOCAL Small Business only
  • Offer promotions and deals for the public
  • Be affordable enough that ANYONE can take advantage of it

We put our heads together and ShopPalestineFirst.com is the result of our ideas and ambitions.  But… we already want to make it more than just an ad and coupon site.  We are in the process of coming up with great contests, prizes, promotions of local events, and a lot more.  We not only want to be useful, we want to be fun too!  We’ll be able to tell you more a little later on.

Through this blog, we will be sharing both, a little history about our fine city, and a little history about the businesses that advertise with us.  We’ll be sharing knowledge and statistics and tips that help you to promote your brand and develop better relationships with your customers via mobile advertising and a lot more.   We hope that you will enjoy what we have put together.   Both our website, and our blog that goes with it.


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