If The Shoe Fits!

I haven’t posted anything for a couple of weeks now.  Truth is, not only have I been busy working on some other things, but I have also become rather disgusted at the way this election has come down to nothing more than class war, racism, and ugly, unprofessional behavior on behalf of the Democratic Party. But then, I guess when you look at the source of the behavior, it’s really understandable. 

In my last post I put up a list of the core beliefs from both parties.  Based on those beliefs alone, I would say that I fall into the “Conservative” side of things.  However, there is a lot more to it than just “Left or Right”, and “Liberal or Conservative”. We all too often get so wrapped up in the “show” that we fail to discern over the character and principles of the candidates that are running.

A Smoldering Fire

As this election comes down to the wire, there is a fire smoldering in the White House that the current administration is trying to keep under control.  Yet, try as they may to prevent it, information is slowly trickling out that is going to ignite those smoldering coals and turn that fire into a blazing inferno that will take Obama down…and hard.  What is about to happen is that America is finally going to see just what type of true character is behind the man that so many thought was “The Great One”!  

If what is being reported is the truth, new information concerning the terrorist attack on the American Embassy in Benghazi, Libya and the death of four Americans at the hands of Al Qaeda backed militants will most certainly place the blame directly into the lap of Barack Obama and his inept administration, proving just how horribly inept he really when it comes to protecting America, our interest, and our people here, and abroad.

The Truth Is Showing

As I have claimed many times in previous post, Mr. Obama is not, never has been, and never will be presidential material.  What is about to transpire concerning the embassy attack in Libya, will finally show Americans the truth about the character of Mr. Obama. This fiasco, which has taken place on his watch, concerning the protection and security of those that depend on his ability to take action when action is necessary, and to make competent decisions based on the information that is given to him, will finally show to the American people that he is a failure as Commander-in-Chief.

What the information is now showing is that Mr. Obama, and all key people involved in the protection of our ambassadors abroad, their families, and their staff, were given considerable amounts of intelligence information several weeks prior to the attack indicating that an attack on the embassy in Libya was eminent. It also shows that increased protection for the embassy was requested, and that those request were either ignored, or denied.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was thrown under the bus by the administration and announced, at first, that the blame for the lack of increase in protection was hers and that she had dropped the ball. She announced publicly that the president was not given enough pertinent information to make an informed decision, and that she was responsible for all personnel involved in the gathering and dissemination of that information. Now though, she is claiming that she herself requested increased protection for the embassy and that her request was either ignored or denied. She has apparently been advised to employ legal counsel. Her husband Bill has, according to sources in-the-know, urged her to come clean on the matter and put the facts out there, but she has refused to do so in an hopeful attempt to save the election for her boss, even though it is common public knowledge that the Obamas and Clintons don’t like each other when they are out of the public eye.

A Clear and Present Danger!

What this new information is showing is that there is a clear and present danger to the safety of all Americans abroad while this current administration in in power. It shows that Mr. Obama ignores conclusive intelligence that clearly indicates that American personnel are in danger, and that he is a weak and negligent Commander-in-Chief. It is quickly becoming ever more than apparent that The White House knew of the impending disaster, and failed to take action. Now, in a disgusting attempt to save the very remote possibility of a win in the upcoming election, the administration is trying to keep this from becoming what is already being coined as “Benghazigate”.

As the president of the United States, Obama’s FIRST priority is the protection of this country’s citizens both here and abroad! There should be absolutely NO question when those on the ground, in the mix of things, and under threat are asking for increased protection. It should be given…period!! There are troops stationed in Italy that are just an hour and a half away by air. Why were more troop not sent? The White House actually received emails from the embassy during the attack, declaring that they were under attack…and NOTHING was done! Why? Well…because he was too involved in trying to win a damn election!! That’s why.

I have to tell you; if I were guilty of what the facts are beginning to show that he is guilty of, I would have to step down. It isn’t just the fact that he was negligent in providing adequate protection to a U.S. embassy in the middle of a hostile country that is renowned for its hatred of Americans on the anniversary of 9/11. But to then LIE about it; blaming the attack on a stupid video that so very few people ever saw is just ludicrous!

The Facts Will Show!

The truth will come out! The facts are slowly starting to become known. The fact of the matter is that, whether he or his Obamabots like it or not, he is the one that is ultimately responsible for the decisions that were made concerning this matter, and he is destined to be the one held accountable for the deaths of those that died under his watch. Oh, I am sure that the blame will be shared by many under his direction. But, he is the one to make the ultimate decision as to whether or not troops should have been moved in to protect those that could not protect themselves. He needs to face the truth, be honest, and admit that he failed those people, and that he is a failure as a leader. And then, he needs to step down as president.

In the wake of the facts that are now becoming known; at the very least, a congressional board of inquiry should be formed to determine whether or not Mr. Obama should stand trial and be held accountable for the deaths of four Americans that depended on his judgment and actions for their safety. “Obama the Great” will fall in the aftermath of this tragedy. And then the American people will finally begin to see him for what he really isn’t; a great leader!!




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