Why Mobile Marketing Can Definitely Help Your Business

“When all you needed to do to have “good marketing” was place a Yellow Pages ad and run a newspaper or TV ad, marketing was simple – even easy. Now, with the Internet, PCs, Wi-Fi, mobile devices, and smart phones, consumers want brand interactions on their own terms. They want content that is relevant to their interests, but delivered by the vehicle of their choice. And you’ve got to adapt your marketing so that it’s consumer-centric.” Source: Mobile Marketer Newsletter

Doesn’t sound quite as easy, does it? But it can be – if you’ve got the help of people like us.

I honestly cannot tell you when the last time was that I picked up a phone book. I simply don’t use them anymore. If I need a phone number…I have Google. It’s a lot quicker and easier, to me, to just “Google it”. Pretty much…the same thing goes with newspapers in my world. I really don’t remember the last time I bought or read one! I have Yahoo News for that now. Or, any other “newspaper app” I choose to download on my iPhone. I am most definitely a product of the times, as is most anyone out there in a modern society today. Did you know that The UK leads the world in internet usage? People interviewed there said that they would rather go without sex than without their internet. Interesting comparison I know…but it was in the article, so I thought it might help me get my point across. If your advertising isn’t wireless, you are losing money.

“Mobile/Wireless advertising is absolutely taking over…period!”

So…how does this affect you, as a business, and how do we fit into that equation? Good questions!! I’ll try and be short, but direct in answering them!

I can tell you personally that ever since I got my iPhone, it has become my constant, online, in-touch, social contact, personal companion. I find that I feel at a loss if I don’t have it sitting right next to me. I constantly check Facebook, email, tweets, do research, and a lot more on that little gadget! And, I would venture to say that most people that have a smart phone feel close to, or just like me! This “connection” to the internet is growing at break-neck speeds. And smart advertisers are following this trend.

The mobile Web is growing eight times the speed of the Internet, showing how digital marketing is quickly becoming a mobile-first world, according to Google. “Mobile is an always-on opportunity to connect with people in a meaningful and relevant way,” said Suzanne Mumford, product marketing manager of mobile ads at Google, Mountain View, CA. According to research, there are one billion smartphones in the world and seven billion people. Additionally, 53 percent of consumers in the United States own smartphones.

“In a few years, not having a mobile strategy will be just as silly as not having a desktop experience,” she said.

At ShopPalestineFirst, our goal is to give you the wireless ability that you need to deliver that highly relevant information and content to your customers in a way that drives sales, raises your brand awareness, and builds brand loyalty. You can have a retail store, a restaurant, a home-based business, anything – any business or company can leverage mobile as a dynamic channel that allows consumers to take immediate action and engage with your brand. And at the same time, you get to reach a larger audience, a much larger one.

“Mobile marketing is a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network.” — Mobile Marketing Association

Connecting with your customers! That is how Mobile Marketing can help you. One-on-one, interactive, at any time! That is where marketing and advertising is going. And we here at ShopPalestineFirst.com want to help take you there! For a full range of Mobile Marketing products and campaigns, call, click, or stop in. We can help you and your business connect with your customers.


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