What’s All This Talk About Mobile Marketing?

An excerpt from “Mobilozophy 101”, by Mobilozophy.net

So what’s the hype? Why all this talk about mobile marketing? It’s just advertising over a phone, right? Wrong.

Don’t think of mobile phones as just another emerging advertising vehicle. It’s much more than that. The mobile phone is a marketing medium that provides a direct connect to its owner. It’s a one-on-one personal and relevant conversation that happens between businesses and customers or prospects.

Mobile marketing introduces a different kind of medium for communicating with consumers: the mobile phone.  This device, which is unique to the person who carries it, is a different marketing medium in two fundamental ways:

• It enables consumers to talk and provide information about the kinds of
messages they want to receive

• It enables one-on-one communications with consumers, effectively targeting
individuals that are most likely to take action

When consumers use their mobile devices to enroll in a service that provides them withadvertising of their choice, they voluntarily give information about themselves and the messages they want to receive based upon their interests, wants and preferences. By”opting-in”, these consumers are saying they are inclined to respond to mobile ads      consistent with their interests.

Target marketing is all about developing highly focused messages that are more likely to motivate consumers, and then sending those messages at times when consumers are
most likely to take action. Mobile marketing can do just that.

Mobile marketing offers businesses a variety of tools to reach targeted consumers, but the ones most often used include:

  • Text Messaging:

The most obvious tool of mobile marketing because so many people are text
messaging – 123 million in the US and 3 billion worldwide. It is only natural that
this type of communication would attract marketers. The most common use of
text messaging as a marketing tool is mobile couponing – businesses offering a
discount or special offer via text message. Text messaging can also be used for
alerts, text clubs, product/service information, sending mobile site links,
interactive voting, contests, text-to-donate are just a sampling of the many
uses of text messaging.

  • Mobile Friendly Websites:

Over 50 million people in the US use the mobile web to find information quickly
and easily. Unlike computer users, mobile phone users don’t want to browse the
Internet; therefore, businesses who intend to leverage mobile marketing need to
make sure their websites are mobile friendly.

  •  Mobile Advertising:

Think of it as banner advertising on-the-go. Just like banner advertising on the
desktop version of the Internet, there is banner advertising on mobile sites.
There is also pay-per-click advertising which is aligned with mobile search. A
consumer searching for something on their phone will see paid text ads in their
search results.
Just the Facts*:
• 80% of the US population are mobile users
• 98% of all mobile handsets in the US have SMS capabilities
• 68.7 million US citizens use SMS and text services
• The number of SMS users is twice that of active email users
• Over 1.5 trillion SMS were sent in America in2009.  Or, 5 billion a day.
*DH Tech.com

There’s good reason for all the talk about mobile marketing. Mobile marketing provides a variety of benefits to both small and large business. Mobile marketing is:

• Immediate
Mobile campaigns are easy to create, execute and rapidly delivered to
• Affordable
No need to pay for postage, printing or air time, just a nominal per text
message fee.
• Effective
The average response rate is 10 to 15 percent, versus 3 percent or less for other
advertising mediums.
• Targeted
Messages are targeted and customized to individuals who have opted to
receive them.
• Interactive
Provides the ability to reach customers ‘on-the-go’ and create highly effective
two-way communication.
• Easily Integrated
Provides the ability to integrate with existing advertising/marketing campaigns.
• Measurable
Campaign results can be tracked, measured and refined to generate the
maximum return.
• Viral
Mobile marketing messages can be shared with new audiences/potential
customers at no cost to you.

If you think mobile marketing could help grow your business, you’re right. There is no time like the present to get started. ~~~

We can help you take your business wireless and mobile.  Think about that.  Direct, instant, interactive, and a response rate of 10 to 15%.  Assuming that only half of those responses bought anything…do you think a 7 to 8% increase would help you out?  We can help get you there!


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