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I haven’t posted anything for a couple of weeks now.  Truth is, not only have I been busy working on some other things, but I have also become rather disgusted at the way this election has come down to nothing more than class war, racism, and ugly, unprofessional behavior on behalf of the Democratic Party. But then, I guess when you look at the source of the behavior, it’s really understandable. 

In my last post I put up a list of the core beliefs from both parties.  Based on those beliefs alone, I would say that I fall into the “Conservative” side of things.  However, there is a lot more to it than just “Left or Right”, and “Liberal or Conservative”. We all too often get so wrapped up in the “show” that we fail to discern over the character and principles of the candidates that are running.

A Smoldering Fire

As this election comes down to the wire, there is a fire smoldering in the White House that the current administration is trying to keep under control.  Yet, try as they may to prevent it, information is slowly trickling out that is going to ignite those smoldering coals and turn that fire into a blazing inferno that will take Obama down…and hard.  What is about to happen is that America is finally going to see just what type of true character is behind the man that so many thought was “The Great One”!  

If what is being reported is the truth, new information concerning the terrorist attack on the American Embassy in Benghazi, Libya and the death of four Americans at the hands of Al Qaeda backed militants will most certainly place the blame directly into the lap of Barack Obama and his inept administration, proving just how horribly inept he really when it comes to protecting America, our interest, and our people here, and abroad.

The Truth Is Showing

As I have claimed many times in previous post, Mr. Obama is not, never has been, and never will be presidential material.  What is about to transpire concerning the embassy attack in Libya, will finally show Americans the truth about the character of Mr. Obama. This fiasco, which has taken place on his watch, concerning the protection and security of those that depend on his ability to take action when action is necessary, and to make competent decisions based on the information that is given to him, will finally show to the American people that he is a failure as Commander-in-Chief.

What the information is now showing is that Mr. Obama, and all key people involved in the protection of our ambassadors abroad, their families, and their staff, were given considerable amounts of intelligence information several weeks prior to the attack indicating that an attack on the embassy in Libya was eminent. It also shows that increased protection for the embassy was requested, and that those request were either ignored, or denied.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was thrown under the bus by the administration and announced, at first, that the blame for the lack of increase in protection was hers and that she had dropped the ball. She announced publicly that the president was not given enough pertinent information to make an informed decision, and that she was responsible for all personnel involved in the gathering and dissemination of that information. Now though, she is claiming that she herself requested increased protection for the embassy and that her request was either ignored or denied. She has apparently been advised to employ legal counsel. Her husband Bill has, according to sources in-the-know, urged her to come clean on the matter and put the facts out there, but she has refused to do so in an hopeful attempt to save the election for her boss, even though it is common public knowledge that the Obamas and Clintons don’t like each other when they are out of the public eye.

A Clear and Present Danger!

What this new information is showing is that there is a clear and present danger to the safety of all Americans abroad while this current administration in in power. It shows that Mr. Obama ignores conclusive intelligence that clearly indicates that American personnel are in danger, and that he is a weak and negligent Commander-in-Chief. It is quickly becoming ever more than apparent that The White House knew of the impending disaster, and failed to take action. Now, in a disgusting attempt to save the very remote possibility of a win in the upcoming election, the administration is trying to keep this from becoming what is already being coined as “Benghazigate”.

As the president of the United States, Obama’s FIRST priority is the protection of this country’s citizens both here and abroad! There should be absolutely NO question when those on the ground, in the mix of things, and under threat are asking for increased protection. It should be given…period!! There are troops stationed in Italy that are just an hour and a half away by air. Why were more troop not sent? The White House actually received emails from the embassy during the attack, declaring that they were under attack…and NOTHING was done! Why? Well…because he was too involved in trying to win a damn election!! That’s why.

I have to tell you; if I were guilty of what the facts are beginning to show that he is guilty of, I would have to step down. It isn’t just the fact that he was negligent in providing adequate protection to a U.S. embassy in the middle of a hostile country that is renowned for its hatred of Americans on the anniversary of 9/11. But to then LIE about it; blaming the attack on a stupid video that so very few people ever saw is just ludicrous!

The Facts Will Show!

The truth will come out! The facts are slowly starting to become known. The fact of the matter is that, whether he or his Obamabots like it or not, he is the one that is ultimately responsible for the decisions that were made concerning this matter, and he is destined to be the one held accountable for the deaths of those that died under his watch. Oh, I am sure that the blame will be shared by many under his direction. But, he is the one to make the ultimate decision as to whether or not troops should have been moved in to protect those that could not protect themselves. He needs to face the truth, be honest, and admit that he failed those people, and that he is a failure as a leader. And then, he needs to step down as president.

In the wake of the facts that are now becoming known; at the very least, a congressional board of inquiry should be formed to determine whether or not Mr. Obama should stand trial and be held accountable for the deaths of four Americans that depended on his judgment and actions for their safety. “Obama the Great” will fall in the aftermath of this tragedy. And then the American people will finally begin to see him for what he really isn’t; a great leader!!




We’re Cutting Edge and Eco-Friendly Too!!

Not only does ShopPalestineFirst.com offer the consumer and advertiser the ability and convenience of interactive advertising, but we help save trees too!!  I was astounded to read this article that I came upon while researching for some other information.  This really made me feel even more excited about what we are doing here at ShopMyTownFirst Local Media Services.  It’s no secret that the paper phone book’s time is limited.  However, I never really gave much thought as to the impact it’s production has on the environment each year.  We are here to take your local yellow pages and put them on line for everyone to be able to use.  And, we make it live, local, and interactive!!

Here is the complete article, borrowed from the Tree Hugger’s Blog.


Image Source: Lulu Vision

Dear Pablo: I received my annual paper weight phone book today and I couldn’t help but wonder about the millions of trees that are wasted each year on the yellow pages.

In deed many of us have no need for the yellow pages (commercial listings) and white pages (residential listings) anymore. We have Blackberries and iPhones, and we have increasing access to the internet via video game consoles and web-enabled appliances, so why would we need this wasteful relic from the past?

Just How Many Phone Books Are Distributed Each Year?

The annual arrival of unwanted phone books has led many to questionthe massive amount of waste. But what is the actual impact? Annually an estimated 650,000 tons of phone books are distributed to America’s 100+ million households. At an EPA estimated national recycling rate of 18%, only 117,000 tons of phone books are recycled each year, many of them on the day that they are received. Product Stewardship Institute estimates that it costs between $50 and $75 per ton to recycle phone books and between $75 and $100 to dispose of them in a landfill. So annually we spend between $45 and $62 million just to get rid of unwanted or old phone books, or $0.45-0.60 per household.

What Is The Environmental Impact Of Phone Books

The greenhouse gas emissions from producing 650,000 tons of paper are staggering, 1,474,000 metric tons of CO2-equivalents! By comparison the greenhouse gas emissions of the entire Walt Disney Corporation in 2006 were 1,649,717 tons of CO2-equivalents. In addition to the greenhouse gas emissions, the production of 650,000 tons of paper also require the use of 44.2 billion liters of water. Of course there are many more impacts from the production of paper which are not easily quantified, like the loss of forest, the eutroficationof rivers, etc.

Can We Abolish Phone Books?

But of course not everyone is as tech savvy as us TreeHuggers so abolishing phone books altogether may not be fair. In fact white pages are required by law in most states. California State Senator Leland Yee (D-San Mateo) is trying to change this by making the white pages “opt-in.” The phone book companies don’t mind this because the white pages represent a cost, whereas the yellow pages are a major source of advertising revenue, but they are afraid that Senator Yee’s legislation may open the door to eliminating the yellow pages too.

What Can I Do Today?

While opting-in to receive your annual phone book is still being debated in the California State Senate you do have another option to make sure that the “Yellow Pages Are Welcome In Your Home”. The Yellow Pages Association is making it easier for us to opt-out. Simply visit the www.yellowpagesoptout.com website and enter your ZIP code to find more information.Pablo Päster is a weekly columnist for TreeHugger.com, an experienced greenhouse gas engineer and the Senior Environmental Program Manager at Hara Software. Send your questions to Pablo(at)TreeHugger.com or submit the via this form and connect to his RSS feed.

Join Us and Grow With Us!

While we are busy getting ready to take ShopPalestineFirst.com “live” with local advertising, (somewhere around the first of June) we invite you to check back with us frequently to see who else has joined us in our effort to make Local Small Business BIG here in Palestine.  We are currently working day and nite to see to it that when we go “live”, everyone in the Palestine area is going to know about us.  But, that’s not all we’re doing!

We are constantly researching new and exciting ways to help YOUR business take advantage of OUR efforts to help build Palestine and make her economically stronger!  Things like SMS Text Messaging Services for business, SEO Optimization to help get your website MORE traffic, and build better relationships with your customers, Mobile Coupon Apps to help you connect with your customers and keep them posted of your offers and services, and much more.

We don’t want to be JUST another coupon website.  Our endeavors are directed solely at helping YOU and YOUR business build better, longer lasting relationships with your local customers.  We can help you do this, and we want to be there for local businesses here in Palestine.

But you don’t have to wait for us to contact you!  You can reach us through our “Contact Us” page right here on the website.  We think that you will be most pleasantly surprised at what we can do for your business, and at how economically feasible we are for you.  So, keep checking back and watch us grow.  But…don’t just watch…become a part of ShopPalestineFirst.com and watch your business grow WITH us!!


Thanks for reading!

Ribbon Cutting for SHOPMYTOWNFIRST Local Media Services


We are proud to be members of Palestine Area Chamber of Commerce!!


Got Mobile?

This article was borrowed from Volacci’s blog in an effort to help you understand what Mobile Marketing can do to help your business attract, engage with, and convert more people into fans of your business.  Mobile Marketing is quickly becoming the standard in today’s advertising strategies.  Are you on board.  If not, we can help you get there.

5 Benefits of Mobile Advertising

Do you own a cell phone? I bet your kids have a cell phone each. Doesn’t everyone use cell phones these days?! According to the PEW Research Center’s latest study, six in ten Americans go online wirelessly from a mobile device. Use of the mobile Internet is growing at an unprecedented rate and will soon overtake the home computer as the most common way people get online.

In today’s wireless world, mobile advertising is now essential to the foundation of any successful marketing campaign. Prospective customers can visit your website at anytime and from anywhere using their mobile phones, giving mobile advertising compelling influence over consumer decisions in real-time by feeding them an ad at the most influential moment.

Is your business or brand ready to “go mobile” with the marketing mix? Are you not quite sure how this is beneficial? Please join me further for some light reading on the five benefits of mobile advertising.

Reason #1: Fastest Growing Audience

Believe it or not, but cell phone usage has grown more prevalent over the last year. Nearly “half of all adults go online using a Wi-Fi connection or broadband card, while 40% of adults use the internet, email or instant message from mobile phones”, according to PEW Research Center’s Mobile Access 2010 study released last month.

Here are some more persuasive results from the study in regards to mobile phone usage that should cue salivation:

I think it’s safe to say that the mobile phone market is growing like a teenager who won’t stop eating and eating and eating…

Click here to read the full report.

Reason #2: 21st Century Consumer Targeting

Although I don’t have a fancy study for this one, I do know from personal experience that I use my phone to check items, brands, reviews, and all kinds of information out on the fly. I could be in at the gym, at the park with the kids, or in the store ready to buy your competitor’s product as long as it all ‘checks out’ online.

If you have a mobile ad pop up while I am holding your competition’s product in my hand, I can change my mind and pick yours up instead. BAM! You get the sale while your competitor is sitting in a darkened room with a window blind suntan across his face, shaking his fist violently in the air while screaming, “damn you, mobile advertising!” Hey, it may not happen everyday, but I think you get the picture..

With mobile advertising, you can target your audience with location-based services and send them highly relevant mobile messaging when they are most influential. Your brand is literally in their hand.

Reason #3: Superior Convenience

Can you tell a television network what other TV ads you want your commercial to run with? Do you have control over what content is printed across the fold from your magazine ad? How about the billboards around the one you bought last year? With Mobile Advertising, your ad will always be current, concise and relevant to the content it is placed with, a superior convenience to any non-digital advertising platform.

It is also very convenient to update your mobile ad, so you can quickly communicate your latest sale, coupon, special rate, or bundled package deal that may be a daily or weekly offering. The possibilities are endless with mobile advertising’s flexibility and unique delivery.

Reason #4: Maximum Exposure

Just about everyone who has money to spend owns a cell phone. If your product or service can cast a wide net of consumer types, you can gain maximum exposure with mobile advertising. Your ad will be accessible by anyone who happens to be in your “mental location” with their mobile applications.

Reason #5: Eco-Friendly Advertising

While our Mobile Advertising doesn’t help you get chummy with an Ent, it will help you increase your traffic, leads, conversions, and sales while also helping Mother Nature breathe a little easier.

Thank You For Reading!

Article from Volacci SEO Optimization’s  Blog, March 22, 2012

What’s All This Talk About Mobile Marketing?

An excerpt from “Mobilozophy 101”, by Mobilozophy.net

So what’s the hype? Why all this talk about mobile marketing? It’s just advertising over a phone, right? Wrong.

Don’t think of mobile phones as just another emerging advertising vehicle. It’s much more than that. The mobile phone is a marketing medium that provides a direct connect to its owner. It’s a one-on-one personal and relevant conversation that happens between businesses and customers or prospects.

Mobile marketing introduces a different kind of medium for communicating with consumers: the mobile phone.  This device, which is unique to the person who carries it, is a different marketing medium in two fundamental ways:

• It enables consumers to talk and provide information about the kinds of
messages they want to receive

• It enables one-on-one communications with consumers, effectively targeting
individuals that are most likely to take action

When consumers use their mobile devices to enroll in a service that provides them withadvertising of their choice, they voluntarily give information about themselves and the messages they want to receive based upon their interests, wants and preferences. By”opting-in”, these consumers are saying they are inclined to respond to mobile ads      consistent with their interests.

Target marketing is all about developing highly focused messages that are more likely to motivate consumers, and then sending those messages at times when consumers are
most likely to take action. Mobile marketing can do just that.

Mobile marketing offers businesses a variety of tools to reach targeted consumers, but the ones most often used include:

  • Text Messaging:

The most obvious tool of mobile marketing because so many people are text
messaging – 123 million in the US and 3 billion worldwide. It is only natural that
this type of communication would attract marketers. The most common use of
text messaging as a marketing tool is mobile couponing – businesses offering a
discount or special offer via text message. Text messaging can also be used for
alerts, text clubs, product/service information, sending mobile site links,
interactive voting, contests, text-to-donate are just a sampling of the many
uses of text messaging.

  • Mobile Friendly Websites:

Over 50 million people in the US use the mobile web to find information quickly
and easily. Unlike computer users, mobile phone users don’t want to browse the
Internet; therefore, businesses who intend to leverage mobile marketing need to
make sure their websites are mobile friendly.

  •  Mobile Advertising:

Think of it as banner advertising on-the-go. Just like banner advertising on the
desktop version of the Internet, there is banner advertising on mobile sites.
There is also pay-per-click advertising which is aligned with mobile search. A
consumer searching for something on their phone will see paid text ads in their
search results.
Just the Facts*:
• 80% of the US population are mobile users
• 98% of all mobile handsets in the US have SMS capabilities
• 68.7 million US citizens use SMS and text services
• The number of SMS users is twice that of active email users
• Over 1.5 trillion SMS were sent in America in2009.  Or, 5 billion a day.
*DH Tech.com

There’s good reason for all the talk about mobile marketing. Mobile marketing provides a variety of benefits to both small and large business. Mobile marketing is:

• Immediate
Mobile campaigns are easy to create, execute and rapidly delivered to
• Affordable
No need to pay for postage, printing or air time, just a nominal per text
message fee.
• Effective
The average response rate is 10 to 15 percent, versus 3 percent or less for other
advertising mediums.
• Targeted
Messages are targeted and customized to individuals who have opted to
receive them.
• Interactive
Provides the ability to reach customers ‘on-the-go’ and create highly effective
two-way communication.
• Easily Integrated
Provides the ability to integrate with existing advertising/marketing campaigns.
• Measurable
Campaign results can be tracked, measured and refined to generate the
maximum return.
• Viral
Mobile marketing messages can be shared with new audiences/potential
customers at no cost to you.

If you think mobile marketing could help grow your business, you’re right. There is no time like the present to get started. ~~~

We can help you take your business wireless and mobile.  Think about that.  Direct, instant, interactive, and a response rate of 10 to 15%.  Assuming that only half of those responses bought anything…do you think a 7 to 8% increase would help you out?  We can help get you there!

Why Mobile Marketing Can Definitely Help Your Business

“When all you needed to do to have “good marketing” was place a Yellow Pages ad and run a newspaper or TV ad, marketing was simple – even easy. Now, with the Internet, PCs, Wi-Fi, mobile devices, and smart phones, consumers want brand interactions on their own terms. They want content that is relevant to their interests, but delivered by the vehicle of their choice. And you’ve got to adapt your marketing so that it’s consumer-centric.” Source: Mobile Marketer Newsletter

Doesn’t sound quite as easy, does it? But it can be – if you’ve got the help of people like us.

I honestly cannot tell you when the last time was that I picked up a phone book. I simply don’t use them anymore. If I need a phone number…I have Google. It’s a lot quicker and easier, to me, to just “Google it”. Pretty much…the same thing goes with newspapers in my world. I really don’t remember the last time I bought or read one! I have Yahoo News for that now. Or, any other “newspaper app” I choose to download on my iPhone. I am most definitely a product of the times, as is most anyone out there in a modern society today. Did you know that The UK leads the world in internet usage? People interviewed there said that they would rather go without sex than without their internet. Interesting comparison I know…but it was in the article, so I thought it might help me get my point across. If your advertising isn’t wireless, you are losing money.

“Mobile/Wireless advertising is absolutely taking over…period!”

So…how does this affect you, as a business, and how do we fit into that equation? Good questions!! I’ll try and be short, but direct in answering them!

I can tell you personally that ever since I got my iPhone, it has become my constant, online, in-touch, social contact, personal companion. I find that I feel at a loss if I don’t have it sitting right next to me. I constantly check Facebook, email, tweets, do research, and a lot more on that little gadget! And, I would venture to say that most people that have a smart phone feel close to, or just like me! This “connection” to the internet is growing at break-neck speeds. And smart advertisers are following this trend.

The mobile Web is growing eight times the speed of the Internet, showing how digital marketing is quickly becoming a mobile-first world, according to Google. “Mobile is an always-on opportunity to connect with people in a meaningful and relevant way,” said Suzanne Mumford, product marketing manager of mobile ads at Google, Mountain View, CA. According to research, there are one billion smartphones in the world and seven billion people. Additionally, 53 percent of consumers in the United States own smartphones.

“In a few years, not having a mobile strategy will be just as silly as not having a desktop experience,” she said.

At ShopPalestineFirst, our goal is to give you the wireless ability that you need to deliver that highly relevant information and content to your customers in a way that drives sales, raises your brand awareness, and builds brand loyalty. You can have a retail store, a restaurant, a home-based business, anything – any business or company can leverage mobile as a dynamic channel that allows consumers to take immediate action and engage with your brand. And at the same time, you get to reach a larger audience, a much larger one.

“Mobile marketing is a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network.” — Mobile Marketing Association

Connecting with your customers! That is how Mobile Marketing can help you. One-on-one, interactive, at any time! That is where marketing and advertising is going. And we here at ShopPalestineFirst.com want to help take you there! For a full range of Mobile Marketing products and campaigns, call, click, or stop in. We can help you and your business connect with your customers.

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